Maria Dmytrieva

Maria Dmytrieva

Maria Dmytriyeva, a long-time women’s rights activist and national gender expert in Ukraine, for more than 2 decades has been vocal about the violations of women’s human rights and different forms of violence and exploitation women in Ukraine and all over the world are facing.

As a Fulbright Scholar, Maria studied linguistics in Cal State Northridge.

Maria has been working as an expert with various governmental commissions and public councils under the Ministries of Ukraine and currently leads the WPS section of the Public Council under the Parliamentary Interfaction Equal Rights Caucus.  In the recent years, Maria has been working in the area of WPS in Ukraine as a member of NGO Democracy Development Center, a partner of the Global Network of Women Peacebuilders in Ukraine, conducting trainings on localization of 1325 for local activists and authorities in Donetska, Luhanska, and Zaporizka oblast with the Charitable Foundation ‘Unity for the Future’ (Zaporizhzhia, Ukraine), and giving lectures on 1325 and WPS to journalists of local and national media and press officers of central bodies of executive power of Ukraine with the Ukrainian TV, Radio, and Press Institute.

Maria participated in development of Ukraine’s first and second National Action Plans. Since the invasion began, Maria has been working on putting in contact foriegn and Ukrainian women’s initiatives on humanitarian relief efforts and advocating for Ukrainian women at the international events.

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