On the heels of November 25, the international day against violence against women, the Forum of Mediterranean Women Journalists is held annually.

The Forum is the brainchild of investigative journalist Marilù Mastrogiovanni and is organized by Giulia Giornaliste and the IdeaDinamica cooperative, with the aim of “creating bridges, breaking down walls: promoting a reflection on the journalism of women investigative journalists, as a garrison of Democracy, therefore of Peace.”

Since the first edition in 2016, it has been held in Apulia, a borderland, a crossroads of cultures and peoples, an ideal bridge over the Mediterranean and a real place for the Forum days, which draw to itself independent journalists and reporters, as well as experts, activists, scientists and university researchers, committed to human rights and gender studies. All together to tell and witness their stories, from the varied shores of Euro-Mediterranean countries.

More than 20 years after the World Women’s Conference in Beijing-which produced the world’s most progressive declaration on women’s rights, shared by 189 countries-the Mediterranean Women’s Journalists Forum offers an in-depth analysis of the current status of women.

It will be an analysis built through the diverse experiences of the women participants, many of whom come from ‘difficult’ places and societies, especially for the female gender.

The purpose of the event is certainly to monitor the gender human rights gap, but it also addresses the practical need to identify possible actions to stimulate the advancement of rights themselves in European, Middle Eastern, North African and Balkan countries. Like the meshes of a great net lowered between the shores of the Mediterranean (and beyond) with the stories, reportages, investigations, experiences, and proposals directly from the protagonists of the ongoing change.

The construction of a dialogue that focuses on the figure of the investigative journalist, together with activists and experts, women who through their profession are the “guardians” of human rights (human rights defenders), Democracy, Peace.

All this thanks to the involvement and support (since the first edition) of some of the most important international organizations and women’s associations.

The forum aims to:

  1. Valuing the work of women journalists, as “peace correspondents,” as “guardians of democracy” and “human rights defenders”
  2. Giving space and visibility to investigative work done by women, amplifying their voices
  3. Strengthening the bond between female investigative journalists and their audiences by reviving the content they champion
  4. Building a positive image of the figure of the journalist and her investigative work in defense of citizens’ rights and facts, countering fake news
  5. Help combat hate speech, sexism and gender stereotyping through professional training aimed at journalists and students
  6. Disseminate practices for the proper use of language – written, spoken, video – so that it is free of sexism and stereotyping
  7. Produce digital media for disseminating the testimonies of female journalists
  8. Fostering networking among investigative journalists and civil society experts/activists and gender studies scholars
  9. Amplify the resonance of the work done by women journalists – the issues investigated – 365 days a year


The Forum of Mediterranean Women Journalists is organized by Giulia giornaliste, with Idea dinamica scarl and the Association of Med women journalists, in collaboration with the University of Bari and Uniba’s Master’s in Journalism program. All editions of the Forum were funded by:

  • CO.RE.COM Apulia;
  • Regional equality councilor;

Some previous editions have also received contributions from: Amnesty international Italia, FNSI and Usigrai. Adhering to the Forum of Mediterranean Women Journalists network are:the National Order of Journalists, Amnesty international, Reporters without borders, Ossigeno per l’Informazione, Ordine dei giornalisti Puglia, Assostampa, Smurare il Mediterraneo (Uniba), Master in Journalism (Uniba, department For. Psi. Com (Uniba), Gender Archive (Uniba), Balab-One stop shop (Uniba), Innovation & cretivity center (Uniba), Pangea- Reama Foundation, Renata Fonte Anti-Violence Center, University of Malta, The Shift news (Malta), Association of European Journalists -Bulgaria, Collegi de periodistes de Catalunya, Czech Center for Investigative Journalism -Prague, Associacio Mon Comunicacio-Barcelona, Creis-European Research Center for Sustainable Innovation, Uzbek -German Forum for human rights-Berlin, Radio Radicale.

TO THE NETWORK IN THE YEARS HAVE MEMBERSHIP: UNHCR-United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees; Presidency of the Chamber of Deputies (President Laura Boldrini); Accademia Della Crusca; National Association “Article 21”; University of Salento; UsigRai.

ATTENDANCE AT EVENTS ON INTERNATIONAL COOPERATION. The Forum is present on the tables of: UNESCO, UN, OSCE, Anna Lindh foundation. The Forum of Mediterranean Women Journalists is founded by Marilù Mastrogiovanni, a journalist, writer, and adjunct professor at Uniba.