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Chi siamo

Il Forum è nato dalla giornalista Marilù Mastrogiovanni ed è organizzato da Giulia Giornaliste e dalla cooperativa IdeaDinamica, con l’obiettivo di “creare ponti, abbattere muri: promuovere una riflessione sul giornalismo delle giornaliste investigative, come presidio di Democrazia, dunque di Pace”.


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news_04Independent, supportive and always ready to mobilize in defense of women’s rights: these are the women journalists who join GiULiA, the national network of united, free and autonomous women journalists. The association, founded 5 years ago, represents and brings together heterogeneous realities – including precarious, freelance, unemployed women – with the goal of breaking down information gags and censorship. And to represent themselves and their condition through a narrative done in the first person, cleared of the filter of the dominant male-driven narrative, respecting female subjectivity. Women and information: two struggles for change within the great battle to protect the Constitution and its principles. Empowerment goes from here, between protagonism and vindication. GIULIA, in fact, acts with all-out awareness campaigns to bring back to the center of the agenda setting that large part of society that today does not find legitimacy. And women professionals stand out among the underrepresented categories. Because, as the association’s founding manifesto (which even years after its inception remains highly relevant) states, “the discrimination of women in the world of work and their marginalization from public life are obstructions that must be removed: a huge waste of intelligence that weakens the country and drives it into decline.” Against all inequality, GIULIA becomes a place for the exchange of experiences and ideas and “hopes for change even in the life of newsrooms, which are full of women journalists but still dominated by male logic and interests. It is time for women’s views, through women journalists and their sensibilities, to be properly expressed.” What is at stake, in fact, are the principles of fair representation “in order to have an impact in contracts, labor organization and welfare priorities” so that “women are given what they are entitled to: dignity, rights, work, equality in pay and careers.”

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